First Post: Fame

27 09 2009

Hey my name is Jackson, and I review movies. Today I went to see Fame, a remake of the 1980’s classic of the same title. It was just okay. i would give it a 5.14 out of 10. Perhaps some of the reasons are:
*four years are squeezed in an hour and a half. Its difficult to wrap your mind around all of this time, when bam! Events are rushing at you faster than a antelope with a jetpack. Meh.
*None of the characters age. I’m looking at this same dancer boy for four years, with the same emo haircut. This pretty blonde girl shortens her hair, and a pretty asian girl gets drunk and raps, then gets on the TV show Sesame Street. I don’t understand!!! During the duration of the film, I made a giant twelve foot straw and nearly got kicked out of the theater for poking the guy in front of me with it.
*There are too many characters. I know, I know. I sound like my neurotic stepdad. Serious though, there are 18 different stories going on.
*That crappy Wayan’s Brothers Movie, Dance Flick- is this what that was supposed to be about? WOW.

Stuff I liked:
~If you can work your way through the four years, there is a very sweet and heartfelt story going on, with lovers and people with backgrounds.
~I haven’t seen New Yorkers this musical since West Side Story.
~The acting and singing and dancing is good. I believed everything I was seeing. I would recommend it. Don’t see it with your parents: see it with your friends. Next time I will try to squeeze in Jennifer’s Body (I am definetely a Megan Fox fan) and that movie with the crazy haired white guy that makes it rain Mc Donalds. PeAcE!